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The Manga Culture Magazine “COZIKI”

The Manga Culture Magazine “COZIKI”

The first issue of the manga culture magazine “COZIKI” was released for purchase exclusively on Iki Island in Nagasaki Prefecture, a sacred place referred to as “the isle of the gods.”

In the ancient Japanese text known as the Kojiki, Iki Island was referred to as “ama no hitotsubashira,” or the pillar that linked the land of the gods with the land of man. Iki Island and its archipelago are home to over 1000 Shinto shrines, including Kojima Shrine, located on a small island which can only be accessed at low tide, and Tsukiyomi Shrine, considered to be the original place of worship for the Shinto moon god, Tsukuyomi.

“COZIKI” is a periodical publication featuring works of art including manga, photography, illustrations and poetry inspired by the island and the legends associated with it.

The inaugural issue featured a truly remarkable range of works, including a collage based on Osamu Tezuka’s “Phoenix” manga, a brand new manga by Toru Fujisawa in which the antagonist from his famous “GTO” series has become the protagonist, and a special drawing of a tennyo (heavenly nymph) by Yoshitaka Amano.

Edited by Hiroshi Inada, formerly of “Rockin’On” and “CUT,” and founding editor of “EYESCREAM,” where he spent 12 years before transitioning to his current role as editor-in-chief of the food culture magazine “RiCE,” “COZIKI” will continue to be published twice yearly, with the aim of providing exciting and groundbreaking works of continually higher quality.

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