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A New Take on the Japanese Summer Festival: KODE & 1 OAK TOKYO

A New Take on the Japanese Summer Festival: KODE & 1 OAK TOKYO

This event was imagined by the inspiration culture magazine “KODE” as a playful way of integrating traditional Japanese culture with modern street culture.

With “the gateway to a new standard” as the key concept underpinning the event, musical performances were headlined by rapper ANARCHY, one of the most well-known and respected names in Japanese hip-hop, with support from KEN THE 390, YDIZZY and GOMESS. This remarkable lineup was backed up by a range of food and drink including a collaborative menu developed with the innovative restaurant 81 as well as traditional stall-sold food given a unique KODE twist, and KODE mojitos, specially developed in partnership with Bacardi.

The stage featured a Shinto shrine-inspired motif bathed in the light of special projection mapping technology, while the “New Standard YATAI” staged in 1 OAK TOKYO’s VIP room featured new takes on traditional favorites including glow-in-the-dark versions of cotton candy and ring toss. This innovative approach to the Japanese summer festival was a huge hit with all participants.